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Children should begin receiving check-ups from their dentist at the age of one year or at the time that their first teeth erupt. By starting this early, you set your child up for healthy teeth and gums, and also remove any fear.  They will experience dental visits as entering a nurturing and comfortable environment, laying the ground for a lifetime with healthy teeth.


Children have their own unique sets of needs that reach far beyond the actual treatment they receive in the chair, they have to be encouraged to create healthy habits for strong teeth and learn what dental hygiene does for them. 


A kids’ dentist will teach children the habits of:

  • Proper brushing

  • Flossing

  • Avoiding tooth decay


Special Children's Dental Care At Bliss Dental Las Vegas

When the young patient is in the dental chair, he or she should feel comfortable and at ease, trusting that their dentist will not cause pain, but make sure to remove the pain that may be present due to decay or damage. At Bliss Dental, your Dentist in Las Vegas, we love kids! We do everything from sealants to fillings to baby tooth crowns.

Remember when you yourself, visited your Dentist for the first time. At this moment a precedent is set that will influence your relationship with your Dentist for the rest of your life and determine the health of your teeth. At Bliss Dental we make sure that this very first experience at the dentist is a pleasant one as will subsequent regular visits during your Childs youth and into adulthood. 

Now is the time to secure your Child's present and future Dental Health

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Bliss Dental your Children's Dentist in Las Vegas

Bliss Dental your Childrens Dentist in Las Vegas
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