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What a relief!!


Normally we will try to save your tooth by a filling, crown or root-canal treatment, but there are times that unfortunately a tooth is simply too far gone to be saved and needs to be extracted. At Bliss Dental, your leading Las Vegas Dentist, we perform tooth extraction in as comfortable a setting as possible. We offer nitrous or safe oral sedatives for you to be as relaxed as possible during the treatment.

Having your tooth extracted is however not irreversible. At Bliss Dental, we offer an immediate solution in form of a Dental Implant, the base of which can be implanted straight away before the bone has a chance to deteriorate. A few months later, the replacement tooth is attached to the implant and your pearly whites are as close to they were before as possible.

If you suffer from a tooth ache or think that one or more of your teeth may need extraction, don't hesitate and call 702-850-5252 - even outside business hours, call our emergency service, we are here for you. 

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